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All applications are subject to satisfactory references.

We further understand that ESTATES will carry out credit checks on me/us.

NOTICE: Section 102 Housing Act 1996 allows a Landlord to seek possession under ground 17 in part 11 of schedule 2 where he/she has been induced to grant a tenancy by a false statement made knowingly or recklessly by a) the tenant, b) a person acting at the tenants instigation.

In the event of withdrawal by the applicant or refusal due to misleading or inaccurate information provided, any administration fee will not be refunded.

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Guarantor Information (Must own their own house and be prepared to sign the contract)

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I/we confirm the above mentioned hereby instruct and authorise my current/former, landlord/agent/employer to release to Estates any information in connection with my tenancy with them, including information on any arrears or antisocial behaviour.
I/we confirm I/we do not have any criminal convictions or pending criminal charges before a court. The information contained in this application is true and correct: I agree that any enquiries may be made to verify my suitability for the tenancy applied for.
I/we understand that ESTATES will carry out credit checks on me/us.

Please note you have to view the property before any application can be processed.

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